We are your conveyor for Eastern and Southeastern Europe

Our location

Our headquarters is located in the logistics hub of germany: Near the Hamburg Harbour - connecting us with businesses worldwide.

We offer you:

  • 8.000 m² storage and transition facilities
  • optimal link to traffic infrastructure by sea, land and air

Hamburg is a perfect location for your cargo transition, because air, sea and land routes are connected. Hamburg and especially the harbour are linked with the rest of the world by state-of-the-art transportation networks.

Our motivation

The trust and the satisfaction of our customer is the highest priority for Kroop & Co. To achieve this we work neutrally and independently from concerns with the agility and flexibility of a medium-sized family business. Furthermore we pay attention that our partners and trucking companies adhere to the same high standards as we do.

Certificated quality

Kroop stands for quality on the highest level. The requirements of our customers as well as the ever-changing market ensure that our company develops steadily. A continous monitoring of our quality is of high importance to us. We are AEO and HACCP-certified.

Furthermore we take pride in being a partner in the "UmweltPartnerschaft Hamburg" (Environment Partnership Hamburg) and were awarded as a "Hamburger Ökoprofit Betrieb" in 2011.


We believe in continuity. Established in 1974 by Eckhard Niedermann and Hans-Werner Horstmann, who ist still active as managing director, Kroop & Co. is still owner-managed. This means we are independant and our only responsibility is you. The sons of the MD and founder Axel und Lars Horstmann moved up into the company, so the second generation also works hard for the success of the company. Family and business are closely interlinked at Kroop & Co. to benefit you.


Everything started with Yugoslavia. When Kroop & Co. was founded in 1974, the goal was to improve the connection between Germany and the eastern bloc countries logistically. The owner-managed company continually developed from it's establishment until today. Today Kroop & Co. is specialized in land-bound traffic to Eastern and Southeastern Europe and is famous for it's reliability and flexibility regarding logistics. We offer expert knowledge and solutions in logistics and transport. Our highly motivated and international staff of 60 employees is trained continually.

As a medium-sized and owner-managed business we stand for reliability, highest commitment and short decisions processes.